We view our collective not merely as a studio but as a familial gathering of individuals who share similar values, possess kindness and talent, and thrive on working together to create remarkable things.

We believe in the power of collaboration and recognize that, just as we are experts in our field, you are the expert in yours. We welcome open, transparent discussions and always value your input.

One of Syncmer top priorities is client content security and our team is proud to become first dubbing studio with headquarters in Riga, Latvia, who received TPN Gold Shield. TPN final assessment report for Syncmer has been published and Syncmer has the TPN Gold Shield for two years, in compliance with the TPN MPA Best Practices Assessment.

The Team

Co-Founder, CEO, Sr. PM

With over 20 years of experience in content localization and project management, Mairita specializes in overseeing major theatrical and high-profile broadcast dubbing and subtitling projects. As a leader, she is dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and guiding the Syncmer team to achieve excellence in every endeavor.

Co-Founder, Sr. PM

With nearly 9 years of experience in content localization, project management, and team leadership, Eva excels in leading localization projects for major TV/VOD launches. Renowned for her precision and excellence, Eva consistently delivers high-quality projects, meeting deadlines with meticulous attention to detail.

Chief Sound Engineer, Dubbing Director

With over 10 years in audio production, Gleb specializes in dubbing, voice-over recording, mixing, and directing. His expertise and precision elevate well-known titles, and his talent for directing brings out the best performances from our team. Gleb’s collaborative approach ensures top-quality sound production every time.